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Leon Cooperman and his wife, Toby, support academically talented, highly motivated, college-bound students with financial need who reside in Essex County, New Jersey.

The Cooperman College Scholars program has partnered with TCNJ to help teens from Essex County high schools pursue higher education.

Cooperman Scholars will start with a three-week, on-campus experience the summer after their junior year in high school. They will live in the residence halls, participate in a college workshop organized by the Center for Student Success, and take two classes.

After the summer experience, Cooperman and TCNJ staff will offer application preparedness support and help completing required financial aid information to all Cooperman Scholars who plan to apply to TCNJ. Those who enroll at TCNJ will receive a four-year scholarship from the Cooperman Scholars program, which will pay costs (up to $9,000 per year) that are not covered in their financial aid package.